No words can explain how thankful I am….
If you want to learn and pass your driving test, go for Test Pilot Driving School and you will find Shaz there. I passed my driving test at the FIRST ATTEMPT at the Barking test center and without any doubt the entire credit is to Shaz’s instinct. Best instructor ever, very calm, patient and really gives you the confidence to go on the road and know how to drive “safely”. You need to let Shaz plan for you and trust him on timelines that he suggest. Thank you Shaz, you are truly a “Grade A driving instructor” and you are amazing!!! Romford. 02 Sept 2019.

Kumar Amitesh LnuIT Manager

”I’m glad to say I passed my drivers test FIRST TIME, all thanks to Shaz at Test Pilot Driving School.
I want to thank Shaz who is a DVSA qualified grade A instructor for his hard work and support through this experience. He is an amazing instructor, and I couldn’t recommend him enough to anybody wanting to learn how to drive whilst feeling comfortable with their instructor. I felt I learnt more with his simple teaching skills compared to my previous instructor as Shaz pushed me to my goal of passing on New Year’s Eve. I can’t thank you enough! I’m going to miss Shaz’s character and company whilst driving. I couldn’t recommend him enough. God willing!” Chadwell Heath, 31 December 2018!

Savanna McDonald

”A quick Google search for driving lessons led me to Test Pilot Driving School.
Shaz is a great driving instructor and I would like to thank him for his patience, support and attention to detail while teaching me how to drive. He explained things in the most simplistic way and made the driving easy and enjoyable from the first moments.
I now understand why Shaz was awarded grade A by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency. Thank you Shaz!”
Limehouse. 11 Feb 2019.

Elina Feldmanmarketing Consultant

”Shaz has offered me his best support to pass the driving test. Although I’m not a first time passer but I’ve learned so much over the failures to pave the way to become an eligible driver. I couldn’t have made it without him. Thank you Shaz! Surrey Quays. 12 March 2019.”

Lisa ChangArtist

”Don’t know where to start, I would like to thank shaz so much for being patient, I’m really grateful. When I started with shaz I wasn’t confident at all. I thought that I’ll never improve as a driver and back then I wanted to give up because of my previous instructor. Shaz is an amazing driving instructor that identified my faults and we worked with me on improving. He really motivated and encouraged me not to give up. Shaz is very reliable and trustworthy. I can happily say I passed FIRST TIME!!! All the time I spent on driving was really worth it.” Surrey Quays.

Robson OlugbesanTrainee Accountant

“Was really nice & helpful…Shaz was very knowledgeable about all aspects of driving and was always patient and encouraging during my driving lessons. Would strongly recommend to take lessons from him. Thanks Shaz again for your help” Romford. 15 Apr 2019.

Satrajit DawnMedical Doctor

”Prior to working with Shaz I’ve had a couple of lessons with different instructors, however I felt really stagnant and unsure on my potential. However driving with Shaz has made such a huge difference as he lays out a plan based on when you set a date on your practical. This makes the whole experience and getting a pass seem more realistic. He gives great tips and is very patient. This has allowed me to PASS FIRST TIME WITH ONLY ONE MINOR MARK!!!
I would definitely recommend Shaz.
Pass first time with Test Pilot Driving School.”
Romford. 16 Apr 2019.

Bukola Mutiat ThompsonSoftware Programmer

“I had a very positive experience with Shaz at Test Pilot Driving School throughout all my classes till the day I took my test at the Barking test centre and passed. Shaz was very knowledgeable of the highway code and had a good answer to my every question. He is also very patient and polite. Previously having taken classes with another instructor, I can safely say Shaz really knows what he is talking about. He clarified many “rules” which were unecessary, unclear and were taught to me the wrong way, making me more relaxed and confident about my driving. He has great systems in place for teaching all the manoeuvres that can happen during the test. Also, roundabouts couldn’t be easier after his explanations! 5 STAR instructor!” Surrey Quays. 23 Apr 2019.

Vicente Peruffo MinottoSoftware Developer

“Shaz really helped me. He taught me how to drive safely and to be confident while driving. He also taught me many different techniqes and reference points when driving. Before Shaz I had another driving instructor who didn’t teach me the right way to drive and I explained to Shaz that I felt as if I had alot of pressure from the previous instructor. Shaz understood this and promised that he would not pressure me and he would teach me in a way that would help me and also make me feel comfortable while driving. Thank you Shaz for all the help 🙂” Romford. 14 May 2019

Elona GjoniCollege Student

“Thank you so much…I couldn’t have done it without your support, thank you for helping me pass my driving test and having faith that I could pass when I thought I wouldn’t. I would usually panic on the roads and get anxiety on areas like roundabouts & dual carriageways however Shaz helped me overcome this by emphasising calm driving. My previous instructors would get annoyed when I made mistakes however Shaz stayed patient and because of him I can now drive safely. I would highly recommend him as he really does live up to his GRADE A instructor title!!! May GOD reward you for all your hard work and bless your family in abundance. If you want to pass your driving test first time choose Test Pilot Driving School.
Once again Shaz honestly thank you for not letting me give up!!!” Hackney 21 May 2019.

Nana Sufi AbrarCivil Servant

“Shaz is a very good instructor, he is also a very easy going person to work with. I had lessons from a different instructor before and was not making any progress. My friend recommended Shaz from Test Pilot Driving School to me. Within the first lesson with Shaz I learnt and felt so much more confidence. Shaz’s teaching techniques are the best! He has user friendly reference points that made parking easy to execute, roundabouts became a piece of cake after learning Shaz’s clock system too. Shaz also helped me prepare better for my test by performing mock tests using existing commonly used test route scenarios. I could NOT have passed without Shaz’s help and support. Thank you Shaz!!!” Barking. 03 June 2019.

Pawan Kumar GuptaRetail Store Manager

”I don’t really write reviews however, Shaz’s teaching has been OUTSTANDING from the unique analogies that I was taught in my first few lessons, which made it easier for me to understand how to drive a manual car from zero experience, till when it was my test day where Shaz gave me a big confidence boost the day before and on the day of my driving test. I passed my driving test FIRST TIME!!! Shaz I want to say thank you for believing in me and for your catchy teachings…I will not forget when I’m on the road! To Anyone reading this…if you want to pass your driving test FIRST TIME you should definitely choose Test Pilot Driving School.
Romford. 08 Jul 2019.”

David OkyereStudent

”Considering that I’ve tried a few different driving instructors but I can say that Shaz is definitely a one of a kind teacher. His teaching style is very effective, I felt 10x more confident after my first lesson with him and I picked up on things very quickly. I would recommend Test Pilot Driving School to anyone that wants to learn how to drive. I had a great experience and enjoyed my lessons.
Shaz is definitely a grade A driving instructor. 5 stars. SE16 Surrey Quays. 15 July 2019.”

Jordan WaltersSupervisor Construction Industry

“I had great learning experience with Shaz, who is helpful, friendly, calm and professional instructor. He is always on time and very flexible with lesson times and dates. He really sees and analyses the mistakes and makes sure we don’t repeat them. I felt at ease on the road during the lessons. He explained things in detail and does many mock tests before the final test day. I felt confident going into my test knowing I’d been taught everything I needed to know and I passed. I highly recommend Test Pilot Driving School for anyone looking for high quality teaching. Thank you. Barking. 16 July 2019.”

Siddharthan ElangovanSoftware Engineer

“I passed my practical driving test at the Goodmayes test centre at the FIRST ATTEMPT!!!
I highly recommend Shaz who is a grade A qualified driving instructor. The best part of my lessons with him was how his methodology is fool proof and he is honest which is necessary so that you know where you stand in terms of passing or failing the test. I truly believe that if someone fails the driving test after taking driving lessons with Shaz it’s completely their own silly error. Romford. 18 July 2019.”

Dr Arshad SiddiquiMedical Doctor

“I passed my driving test at the Barking test centre 😁. If anyone wants to learn how to drive I will strongly recommend Test Pilot Driving School because Shaz is a very experienced instructor. Thank you Shaz for putting me in the position to pass. You are a good man. Thank you for everything 😀. Passed at Barking on the 6th Aug 2019.”

Famhreddin AngootiRestaurant Proprietor / Grill Chef

“I will highly recommend Shaz from Test Pilot Driving School if anyone wants to learn how to drive the correct way. I had very bad driving habits from previously driving in my home country and it was very hard to get out of them. It was very hard to drive the correct way but with Shaz’s patients and hard work I learned how to drive safely, he makes the hardest things easy! Shaz’s reference points got the reversing manoeuvres sorted! Shaz is a comfortable character to work with, he is very calm and patient and he understands that mistakes will happen but when they do…he corrects them in the calmest way possible without screaming or shouting. Shaz’s style of teaching is very efficient. Thank you again Shaz for everything! Thank you Shaz sooo much for beeing patient with me. Jazak allah khairun!” Abd Abdul Allah, Lift Engineer, Romford, 14 January 2019.

Abd Abdul AllahLift Engineer

“I finally passed my driving test and I cannot thank Shaz enough for this. After spending over a year practicing on and off with different instructors, I came across Test Pilot Driving School and   Shaz was “the one”. Shaz is extremely patient, polite, flexible and knowledgeable, qualities you don’t always see and highly appreciate when you are learning. Shaz’s warm personality and expertise make the driving lessons fun and stress-free from the very beginning. Not only I became confident on the road but I also started enjoying driving. Shaz patiently introduced me to his “reference points” when practising manoeuvres and parking become easy! I went from panicking on roundabouts to take any roundabout from different positions confidently, from been unable to park to park properly on the first try and most importantly I learnt a skill for life. I cannot emphasise enough what an excellent professinal Shaz is. I would strongly recommend Test Pilot Driving School to anyone who either wants to learn to drive or brush up on their driving. Thanks Shaz again for helping me achieving this so desired goal!”
Ana Fernandez, Financial Crime Lawyer, Surrey Quays, 14 January 2019.

Ana FernandezFinancial Crime Lawyer

“I will highly recommend Shaz if anyone was to join him, he makes the hardest thing the simplest thing also Shaz is a comfortable character. Most driving instructors will shout and scream at you but Shaz is very calm and patient and he understands that mistakes will happen and he will correct you in the calmest way possible. The way he teaches is very efficient, you will get a lot of topics covered in a short space of time. Thank you Shaz for everything! Thank you Shaz for putting in sooo much time and effort with me and believing I can do it!
Dave Lama, Surrey Quays, 27 Dec 2018.”

Dave Lama - Blessing

“Shaz from Test Pilot Driving School is an excellent instructor. His knowledge, patience and calm approach to teaching are the best traits you would expect from a driving instructor. Shaz comes prepared for every lesson and his easy reference points will make all manoeuvres so simple! And most importantly, he teaches you to drive calmly and safely. I had zero experience & chose to do intense lessons through Shaz at Test Pilot Driving School in SE16 & passed my driving test  very quickly with only 2 minor marks! I can proudly say that I passed all thanks to Shaz. Thank you Shaz!” Matas Merkelys. Surrey Quays. Burberry’s Stock Manager. 21 Nov 2018.

Matas MerkeleysBurberry’s Stock Manager

“In our first lesson, Shaz told me I have to work on my confidence. I thought “well Im never going to drive then” because my lack of self confidence had stayed in tact for the 3 years I had been driving on and off. I never thought Id grasp driving. On the last lesson before my test he commented on how I drove with so much confidence and it became clear to me the amount of progress I had made because of Shaz. Whenever I would thank Shaz, he would humbly reply that I needn’t thank him as it was my own doing. But he didn’t know how much he had an impact on my progress and personal development. Not all instructors are the same, they’ll help you pass maybe but they wont all be as accomadating, or understanding, approachable, or as thoughtful. Shaz has a way of explaining things with very useful reference points or analogies that are so unique and helpful you not only know the answers to questions but you understand WHY that is the answer which makes you a much better driver. He is so calm and creates a suitable environment for learning, so you automatically feel calm, even when you may make mistakes. He caterers to your weaknesses and builds your strengths but still allows you to feel confident to drive independently. He will point out when you’ve overcome a tough challenge to help you understand how far you’ve come and I think thats something that will stick with me the most as it built my self confidence. But he’ll also balance that with allowing YOU to comment on your own strengths an say what you did well as oppose to always telling you. This makes YOU believe in yourself. I now possess more then just a license, I have grown, patience, positivity, perseverance and persistence; All qualities of Shaz and now myself as I don’t look at future obstacles with the same negative attitude as I did before our lessons. The most important thing I’d tell future pupils of Shaz is trust in him. If you want to pass, listen to Shaz. From someone who didn’t think they’d ever pass as and did with him, go for Shaz. I wish all his students the best but you’re all in good hands. Thank you so much Shaz. I didn’t just pass because I was taught how to drive , I passed because I was taught by you!!!” Tyanna, Surrey Quays, Degree Student, 20 Nov 2018.

Tyanna Kourtney Tulloch SmithDegree Student

“Thanks Shaz. It takes a really dedicated teacher like you to help any pupil overcome any hurdle in passing the driving test. Thanks to you at Test Pilot Driving School I passed at the FIRST ATTEMPT! I always thought I could pass the driving test easily but after your initial driving assessment the reality kicked in and my dreams shattered but you were always there for help. I owe my success to you because of your timely advice, calm temperament and patient attitude that changed the game. I will surely recommend everyone to you.
You really deserve 5 stars. If you want to pass FIRST TIME choose Test Pilot Driving School”
Dr Rishabh Bassi. Medical Doctor. Romford. 06 Nov 2018.

Dr Rishabh BassiMedical Doctor

“Today, I passed my practical driving test FIRST TIME! Shaz, thank you so much! I actually switched from another instructor. Shaz from Test Pilot Driving School is exactly the type of instructor I was hoping for. His kind and patient approach made me more and more confident with every driving lesson. Shaz didn’t just help me pass my test FIRST TIME but also taught me how to stay safe on the road by constantly sharing useful tips & discussing various scenarios. I have really enjoyed the past few months of learning to drive with Shaz. I will recommend Shaz at Test Pilot Driving School to everyone who wishes to learn the skill of safe driving for life”
Yu Liu, Digital Marketing, Surrey Quays, 29 Oct 2018.

Yu LiuDigital Marketing

“Excellent instructor!!! I passed my driving test FIRST TIME. I needed short notice test cover, a quick Google search led me to Shaz at Test Pilot Driving School. As an instructor he was very clear in his teachings, left me with no doubts about what to expect in the actual practical test & how to fix my individual errors. Great guy, one of a kind. I cant recommend people enough to choose driving lessons with Test Pilot Driving School.” Mujammil Ali, Bow, 27 Sep 2018.

Mujammil Ali

“ Thanks to Shaz from Test Pilot Driving School I passed my driving test at the FIRST ATTEMPT!
Its a day to definitely remember because I passed on my birthday!
Thank you Shaz for your calm, friendly approach and encouragement which definitetly helped a lot. Your easy reference points made the manoeuvres much easier than I expected.
I felt I learnt quicker with your teaching techniques compared to other instructors that I tried prior to you.
You done a great job.
I will recommend you to any one who is looking for lessons.”  Joe Gray. Chadwell Heath. 24 Sep 2018.

Joe Gray

“Just passed my test today after all ! Big thanks to Shaz my driving instructor.
Shaz was always so calm and patient. His teaching methods & reference points for reversing manoeuvres were so easy to understand and put into practice. Whenever I made a mistake, Shaz would always help me with such a high level of patience & encouragement. Shaz constantly made me feel more & more confident to pass each time I had a lesson. Also, Shaz was very  flexible in scheduling lessons which I very much appreciated. I highly recommend everyone to take lessons with Shaz from Test Pilot Driving School.” Sally – Thi Phuong Dung DO. Surrey Quays. Student.17 Sept 2018.

SallyDegree Student

“I remember the day when I first met Shaz, not as an instructor but as a humble neighbour. Anyone can teach or train, but not everyone is a successful trainer or teacher. I am glad that Shaz from Test Pilot Driving School is one of them. Shaz’s perseverance and dedication builds the confidence within yourself and boosts your moral so that no matter what the situation, you will have a “can do it” attitude. Shaz is a grade A qualified instructor so he has the quality of a top trainer, he knows his trainees a lot better than themselves. He knows & will tell you when you ready for the test. When Shaz is around, you don’t even have to think about your test date and everything that goes with it because he gets everything sorted and ready! His intense 3 to 4 hour sessions used to pass so nicely because of his charming personality and depth of knowledge. Even though I am happy to have passed the test, I shall miss Shaz’s character & company. I feel lucky to have had such a right, religious and good hearted person like him! It was really an honor to have you as an instructor Shaz. May God bless you!” Dr Quazi Tamjidul Islam. Doctor. Romford. Passed at the Barking Tanner Street Test Centre. 18 Jul 2018.

Dr Quazi Tamjidul IslamMedical Doctor

“I’m the happiest man today. I lacked confidence when I first started taking lessons with my instructor Shaz but he taught me how to feel relaxed, how to stay calm & how to be confident. Shaz teaches with a very high level of patience. He showed me the easy way to drive without stressing myself. To be precise, I executed all of that and thats why I passed my driving test today! Without a doubt, Shaz from Test Pilot Driving School is the best instructor I’ve ever had. I used to think that I will never get my driving licence but Shaz helped me to reach my goal. Ultimately all thanks to God for sending Shaz my way. He has so much patience unlike most instructors. Take lessons with Shaz at Test Pilot Driving School and you won’t regret it…God Willing. Shaz made the learning experience so easy…Once again ultimately all thanks to God.”
Augustus Lewis. Career/Nurse. Surrey Quays. Passed at the Mitcham Test Centre on the 21 Jul 2018.

Augustus LewisCarer / Nurse

“I want to thank you Shaz. You made the lesson, so easy and enjoyable. Your seamless approach made it easy to understand everything needed to pass the test. Really appreciate your effort and help, and the desire to be patient with me. Thanks you!” Bolaji Yakub. I.T Consultant. Goodmayes. 14 July 2018.

Bolaji YakubI.T. Consultant

“Excellent instructor. I’m happy that I went with Shaz from Test Pilot Driving School. My original driving school let me down one day before my test but a quick google search led me to Test Pilot Driving School. Shaz agreed to cover my test at such short notice. I already had some driving experience but all it took was 2hrs with Shaz & I was ready to take my test. I passed FIRST TIME!!! Shaz is very patient and gives all the resource and knowledge to make you confident on the road. We have no hesitation in recommending him. Great teacher.” John Rofloc. Restaurant Manager. Rush Green. 12 Jul 2018.

John RoflocRestaurant Manager

Shaz is a great instructor, you can tell he is very experienced at what he does through his attitude and by the way he explains things with professionalism whilst making it very easy to understand. His teaching style is so simple that it allowed me to memorise all manoeuvres within a few attempts. I managed to pass my driving test with only 1 minor fault. I would  100% recommend Shaz as an instructor if you’re looking to pass 1st time.
Thanks Shaz! You are a legend!” Santiago Gonzales, Graphic Designer, Surrey Quays, 28 Jun 2018.

Santiago GonzalesGraphic Designer

“I passed my test FIRST TIME ! This isn’t something I ever even dreamt of seeing I was a fully inexperienced driver, but Shaz from Test Pilot Driving School believed in me and most importantly made me believe in myself. An amazing, patient, professional instructor whose main goal is for his pupil not only to pass, but for them to become a confident safe driver. The advice, technique and teaching methods are outstanding. He makes learning easy whilst pushing you to surpass yourself. Thank you a million for your guidance throughout this process, what a blessing to have found you as an instructor, couldn’t have wished for anyone better! 
Nathalie Mappah. E-Com Manager. Canning Town. 18 Jun 2018.”

Nathalie MappahE Com Manager

Shout out to the man like Shaz of Test Pilot Driving School for getting me to pass my test first time with only two minors!  Top bloke whose easy going personality makes learning more enjoyable! His instruction and methods make you feel calm at the wheel, turning you into a really confident driver! Made a great decision choosing Test Pilot Driving School as I couldn’t ask for anymore from my driving instructor! I’d have no hesitation in recommending Shaz from Test Pilot Driving School to others. Thanks again, stay safe.” Robert Bagnall. Accountant. Hornchurch. 23 May 2018.

Robert BagnallAccountant

“Shaz is an amazing driving instructor that got me to pass my practical test. I hadn’t driven in almost 3 years but Shaz made me feel comfortable right from the beginning and built up my confidence again in literally one lesson. Even though I had already learnt most of the reversing manoeuvres before, Shaz’s reference points were so simple and straightforward that I got rid of my old ways and had the new ones memorised within 2/3 attempts each! His mannerism & teaching style are second to none so you’ll never feel like your under pressure. Trust me if you want to pass first time then Shaz of Test Pilot Driving School is 100% the person to go to.” Timothy Iteku. Football Coach. Surrey Quays. 15 May 2018.

Timothy ItekuFootball Coach

“Shaz at Test Pilot Driving School not only helped me with my theory test preparation but also got me ready for the practical test in just 2 weeks by carefully structuring intensive lessons around my individual needs. My test was booked for July but Shaz managed to get me an earlier test date. I passed my practical driving test first time with zero minor faults. Thank you Shaz, you made my practical exam fly with colours really appreciate it. You are the best. You are the best. You are the best. Thanks”. Sohal, Professional Builder, Dagenham, 08 May 2018.

SohalProfessional builder

“It’s been a long journey, but the end goal has been accomplished. I appreciate Shaz for putting me in the position to pass – it is a disservice to him that I didn’t pass the first time, which I should have. Shaz never fails to challenge his pupils extensively, whilst making things very easy to understand along the way. It’s been a privilege, and I thoroughly recommend anyone to be his student” Noal Onuoha, Degree Student, Surrey Quays, 08 May 2018.

Noel OnuohaDegree Student

I just want to thank Shaz at Test Pilot Driving School for all his hard work and support along this journey and life chapter. Never did I think I’d pass FIRST TIME WITH NO MINORS at 17 but Shaz makes it work no matter what. He’s a great teacher and without him I wouldn’t have gotten here. With us having to reschedule our test and having lost up to 6 sessions worth of teaching, he still managed to get me here with the best possible outcome. If you’re looking for someone, Shaz at Test Pilot Driving School is the man. Thank you Shaz, words cant explain how grateful I am for your teaching. Stay blessed. Haxhi Haxhia, Football Coach. Tower Bridge – London SE1. 24 April 2018.

Haxhi HaxhiaFootball Coach

Hello Shaz. I’m so very happy that Karishma has passed her test first time round. Your help and guidance got her through. Thanks for helping her through the last hurdle. All the best. Minal – Karishma’s Mother. 17 April 2018.

MinalKarishma’s Mother

Your test is in 3 weeks, I believe I can get you ready ” – Shaz, March 2018
” I could not have PASSED FIRST TIME without Shaz’s guidance and confidence in my ability to drive- and his to teach- that can only come from years of experience in the industry. I decided to book my test last minute, leaving myself only 5 weeks to find an instructor, and a quick Google search led me to Shaz. Although a previous instructor had taught me how to steer the car, Shaz taught me how to properly drive SAFELY and with CONFIDENCE!
His easy manner, relaxed approach to driving took it from something which found stressful to enjoyable as I found myself making vast improvements under his guidance. He is an amazing instructor, and I couldn’t recommend him enough to anybody wanting to learn how to drive. Thank you so much Shaz! ” Karishma Dave. Medical Student. Chadwell Heath. 17 April 2018.

Karishma DaveMedical Student

I’ve just passed my test FIRST TIME, thanks mainly to Shaz’s guidance. I tried another driving school before switching to Test Pilot Driving School which turned out to be a really good decision. I found the best thing about Shaz’s teaching to be his calm and patient approach that gives confidence to the learner (unlike others), in addition to his long experience. He never gives an instruction without explaining the rationale behind the rule which definitely helps; not just applying rules for the sake of it. I also had bad driving habits from years of driving in a different driving culture overseas, and getting rid of these habits (like coasting) was also another challenge that was eventually overcome. Thanks again Shaz! Mina Kirollos. IT Specialist. Surrey Quays. 16 April 2018.

Mina KirollosIT Specialist

Yippee!!!! I passed FIRST TIME, yep, FIRST TIME! That’s just amazing !
Phew !!!! Am I glad I found you, Shaz. You are a God send.
Unfortunately, my previous Instructor instilled in me wrong driving habits, however thanks to your help and support I managed to overcome them in no time at all. With your expert tuition I mastered all parking manoeuvres and have now become an expert driver myself.
Shaz, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your dedication, support and instruction and above all your patience with me. Kristina Baksyte. Secretary -UK Catering. Goodmayes Ilford. 26 March 2018.

Kristina BaksyteSecretary UK Catering

I passed, I passed, I passed !!! Thank you so much Shaz for your help. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you !!! Despite many other driving errors I didn’t even know how to do bay parking properly before but with your assistance I was able to do it effortlessly. I have been doing lessons since college and failing my test several times using different instructors but with your assistance I passed with confidence. Zinat Owode. Trainee Lawyer. Canning Town. 19 March 2018.

Zinat OwodeTrainee Lawyer

Dear Shaz, I just want to say thank you for teaching me to drive. I am so glad that I chose you to be my instructor. You are excellent! Anyone that has you as their instructor will be so lucky. Glory to God that I passed. Like I said before You are amazing! Hallelujah. You taught me bit by bit and you were so patient with me. We will be Best Friends for Life. I will always keep in touch with you and I will recommend you to other people in East London. Once again thank you for everything you have done and thanks for helping me pass first time. IT WAS AMAZING!!! Thank you again. Jackie Mwaka. Care Assistant. Canning Town. 19 March 2018.

Jackie MwakaCarer / Nurse

I learnt about Shaz through internet search on Google for driving instructors in East London. A quick call to Shaz and his easy phone manners gave me the confidence to take driving lessons from him. I took the initial assessment lesson and he made a brilliant assessment of my driving ability. From the day one he was patient and told me to focus on skills necessary to make me a safe driver and not just focus on test day. As driving lessons went on I learnt about my own abilities and he sharpened my skills in areas which I needed to focus more. One of the brilliant qualities he has is he is the most patient person I have known and he focuses on building your driving character rather than just putting you through a regimented driving tutorial. I gained experience in different driving conditions at day times and evenings and during peak traffic and off peak traffic hours. My confidence increased with each lesson and the fear of a driving test failure mitigated. On the day of test I did not dread the examiner or the fact that it was raining. I just drove normally and passed in my first attempt. Whole credit to Shaz and full marks to test pilot driving school for making me a safe and confident driver. I can confidently recommend Shaz for driving lessons no matter what level of driving experience you may have. His positive attitude and brilliant ability to hone your skills to next level will make you a competent driver. Praveen Kumar Durbhaka. Lead Hardware EngineerAutomotive Power Electronics. Romford. 19 February 2018.

Praveen Kumar DurbhakaLead Hardware Engineer

Officially I passed the test on the second attempt but that’s only because of my own silly mistake when I stalled the engine in the middle of a cross road junction at my first test. Nevertheless I take my hat off to Shaz for preparing me well. He is a top instructor. His fresh, calm, relaxed approach and technical attention to detail maximised my learning experience. He has not just helped me pass but has made me a safer driver!!! Kemal Moore. Care Nurse. Surrey Quays. 05 Feb 2018.

Kemal MooreCarer Nurse

Shaz, I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve helped me achieve. Shaz is the best driving instructor I have had, he helped me pass FIRST TIME and made me feel comfortable at driving. I strongly recommend Test Pilot Driving School if you want to pass FIRST TIME. Anis Nuur. Degree Student.  Surrey Quays. 22 January 2018.

Anis NuurDegree Student

“Hi Shaz just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me pass my test FIRST TIME !!! What you’ve done for me it means a lot, you need anything get in contacts you are a friend for life. Love you.”  Ricky Gallagher.  Surrey Quays. 15 January 2018.

Ricky GallagherAntiques Furniture Store Manager

” I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Shaz for helping me pass my driving test at the first attempt. Your knowledge and experience gave me the skills I needed to pass my test. Suhena Begum. House Wife. Peckham. 09 January 2018 “.

Suhena BegumHouse Wife

” I want to give a huge thanks to Shaz who helped me pass first time. He is very patient, explains everything clearly and is in my opinion a driving instructor of the highest standard. He meticulously prepared me in every aspect of the new driving test, ensuring that there was very little room for error. In the end, he brought out enough confidence in myself to drive safely and with ease. Surrey Quays. 08 January 2018. “

Wafi ChowdhuryDegree Student

I tried driving lessons with two previous instructors before Shaz. It wasn’t until I took the lessons with him that I felt confident enough to take my test. The preparation was meticulous and I was able to learn how to deal with typical driving situations on the road. I felt like there was no stupid question with Shaz and that only served to boost my confidence. I managed to pass my test first time thanks to Shaz ! Limehouse. 14 November 2017.

Femi OgunbiyiPolicy Advisor

“Dear Shaz, Thank you so much for all your amazing support and guidance whilst teaching me to drive. You helped me stay focused and calm to get the job done; always there with words of wisdom and handy hints. Passing my driving test has meant so much to me and my family. Thank you from all of us. Surrey Quays. 10 Aug 2017.”

Grainne StowellNurse

“Hello Shaz, Thank you very much for your effective coaching and I have benefitted a lot. I couldn’t have passed the strict exams without your guidance. What impressed me the most was your skill in controlling a car and the abundant experiences that you have passed onto me in handling various traffic scenarios. Thank you again in assisting me passing the exam and I also look forward to our continued friendship in the years to come. All the best for you and your family. Beckton. 16 Aug 2017.”

David WangAccounts Manager

“Hi Shaz, I just wanted to thank you for preparing me to pass the test. It was a good experience and the driving felt easy by the time I took the test giving me the confidence to pass. Thanks again. Bow. 04 Sept 2017.”

James FraserBanking

“Shaz you are a great instructor who’s patient and has a calming nature to make you feel relaxed and enjoy driving. You also gave me confidence in myself. Again thank you for that. Surrey Quays. 02 Oct 2017.”

Kelsey GallagherNursery Teacher

Thanks for helping me pass my driving test because a couple of months ago, I didn’t have a clue about how to drive but with your help and explanation of how to drive I was able to pass. So thanks again. Surrey Quays. 24 Sept 2017.”

Lewis WaldrenBuilder

” This summer I learnt how to drive with Shaz and throughout I always felt safe and comfortable. I’m Swedish so finding an instructor with great communication skills was essential. I also had to pass before moving abroad so we came up with a stratergy and prepared a timeline which proved to be successful as I passed just in time. Shaz is patient and very professional so I’d highly recommend his services! Stratford City – Westfield. 10 Oct 2017. “

Linda OhrstromMake Up Artist / Beauty Editor

“Thanks to Shaz, I passed first time! In my first lesson you were so sure that I could do it and you were right. I have had a few instructors in the past but your methods stood out because they are unique and effective. I can go on forever, but let me just end by saying thank you for everything bro. Bermondsey. 23 Oct 2017.”

Noel LwetutteSales & Admin

“I cannot recommend Shaz enough if your are looking to learn to drive. After holding a driving licence from another country, he was patient and honest with the work involved with getting me to the UK standard and meeting the test head on. I’m happy to say I passed the first time and with no marks whatsoever. Sorry still chuffed about that. I do not exaggerate when I say Shaz is directly responsible for those results with his excellent training, thorough preparation and calm collected approach to teaching. So thank you again Shaz and good luck to all of your future pupils. Hackney.  23 May 2017.”

Andrew DanahiInformation Technology

“Thank you so much for all your help and guidance over the past few months. It’s thanks to you that I felt so confident on the test and passed FIRST TIME !” Stratford. 04 July 2017.

Emily DugardFinance

“I can’t believe I’ve passed first time! I couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for your help Shaz! You have boosted my confidence immensely! You have been so patient and kind! Amazing Instructor! Definitely would recommend!! Thanks again!” Josie x. Surrey Quays. 19 June 2017.

Josie WhiteNursery Teacher

“Passed first time with Shaz’s assistance! Shaz is everything you want in a driving instructor – patient, enthusiastic, great at explaining things in an effective manner, installing a sense of confidence and is also very reliable. Highly recommended!” Surrey Quays. 09 May 2017.

George FurnishAdmin & Deliveries for DX Courier Company

“Shaz was key to me passing my driving test. I was a very unconfident, visually unaware novice and he patiently developed my skills and was relentless in ensuring I always adhered to the rules of the road. As a result on the day of my test good practice was automatic. I am very grateful to him for developing my skill and confidence. He really cares about his pupils.” Brid McDaid. Maths Teacher. Surrey Quays. 11 April 2017

Brid McDaidMaths Teacher

“I had Shaz as my driving instructor. He was friendly and patient with me as I learnt to drive. We went through the various topics very thoroughly which helped to build up my confidence. When the test came, I felt well prepared and I passed FIRST TIME!” Hackney. 10 April 2017.

Robin DuffyPricing Actuary

“Passed my driving test a few days ago. I would like to say a BIG THANKS to my driving instructor Shaz. A highly professional and friendly person and his the lessons were detailed and well structured. He was patient, kind and has a great sense of humour so it made me feel very comfortable working with him and made the learning experience very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend Shaz to anyone.” Bethnal Green. March 2017.

Suneeth TikkalFinance

“Shaz was driving instructor for a few months. He set out a clear plan of action in the first lesson which we stuck to and worked through together. Shaz is very meticulous in his approached, he will point out the smallest faults during practice which may seem trivial at the time but matter the most on test day. He has a calming approach and prioritises safety above all else. Shaz has made me realise that learning to drive is more than just passing a test, it’s about developing a lifelong skill set and that is why it is pivotal to be taught by the right person. He is a pleasure to learn with and I would strongly recommend him. Thanks for everything Shaz.” Stratford. February 2017.

Fabien BonaviaLawyer

“My instructor Shaz was very calm and easy going and I think that’s what helped me to gain my confidence on the road. In my first few lessons rather than talk me through the teaching process he made me experience it myself and that enabled me to actually gain my confidence a lot quicker. I was always encouraged to ask questions so that I could better my understanding of what to do in certain situations. Highly recommended instructor!” Surrey Quays. November 2016.

Kevin AbbadeDegree Student

“Hi Shaz, many thanks for being my instructor over the past few months. It’s been a great experience. Shaz is a great driving instructor. From the very first lesson up to right before the test, his advice has always been helpful and clear. What’s worth particular mention is that the reference points he gives for manoeuvres are so precise that you can get it right the very first time. He’s also very patient and is willing explain topics over again if needed. He’s flexible in terms of lesson times, such as very early mornings and evenings. If you are aiming for a first time pass like the majority of his pupils I would strongly recommend him as an instructor.” Thanks again and all the best. Docklands .Oct 2016

Desmond ChungActuary

“Shaz was a great and lovely instructor, throughout my lessons that I have been taking with him. I was very nervous when I firsou.t started taking lessons with Shaz, as I was a beginner but Shaz was an excellent instructor and made me feel confident when driving. I am extremely pleased with the lessons I have taken with Shaz because the lessons were very effective and helped me prepared for the practical test. Shaz was not only a teacher, but also as a friend that’s was very bubbly with a good sense of humour to make the lessons amusing. He was reliable patient and gave me all the support I needed. Shaz made me feel relaxed, calm and safe and I would not have got through without him. There were many times, where I made a few mistakes and forgot things but Shaz ensured to go over it and he would take his time to explain what I did wrong and how I could overcome the situation. I would highly recommend Shaz to everyone I know who needs driving lessons as he is the best driving instructor with great guidance and support. I am forever grateful to sticking with Shaz as he helped me succeed to passing which I appreciate. Thank you for all your help Shaz, all the lessons I have taken part with you as it was quite a journey but I made it in the end all thanks to you.” Hackney. September 2016.

Yasmin BegumDegree Student

“I had a great time learning to drive from Shaz. He is effective at not just stating the rules but also explaining the rationale behind their existence. What comes on top, however, is his painstaking attention to detail, which helped me internalise what is expected of the driving test and helped me pass in my FIRST ATTEMPT.” Lime house. Aug 2016.

Jagadsih ChalasaniAnalyst

“Shaz was an absolutely amazing teacher. I wanted to find someone who was thorough, calm and very knowledgeable about was is required to pass the test, and he is all of these things. After two months of lessons I went from a beginner to passing FIRST TIME and am a very confident driver. He also provided pass plus teaching after I passed. I would highly recommend him.” Emily Berrington. Hackney. .June 2016.

Emily BerringtonTv Actress

“Shaz was a great teacher. He was very relaxed and very thorough. He took his time from the basic to the more complicated manoeuvres to make sure I knew what I was doing and did correctly. Everything was safe, thorough and was a real big help to make me past my test on the FIRST GO. It was a great help to have him teach me.” Surrey Quays. May 2016.

Neil GreerYouth Club manager

“Hi Shaz, This is to thank you for all the effort that you had put in to help during our driving lessons. As you know, I passed the test in the FIRST ATTEMPT yay!! . I feel lucky that I got you as my driving instructor. Your instructions were always concise and clear and you always made sure that the logic behind them was thoroughly explained. You were always patient and encouraging, making sure that while my driving is improving, my confidence is never undermined. Undoubted I highly recommend you to any learner driver. As we have discussed, my wife will be taking her driving lessons with you and I have also recommended you to a friend of mine. Thank you again.” Stratford. February 2016.

Kunal GautamFinance

“Shaz was a great tutor, very patient and great at explaining the manoeuvres and their finer points. His way of teaching is very relaxed and informed, this makes it much easier to learn and improve quickly. I passed my test FIRST TIME with only one minor and could not be happier.” Stratford. January 2016.

John King

“Shaz is a great driving instructor with excellent attention to details. Under his guidance I was able to pass my practical driving test in the FIRST ATTEMPT with ZERO FAULTS. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wishes to learn how to drive.” Surrey Quays. November 2015.

Ding YaFinance

“Thanks to Shaz I was able to pass my theory and practical FIRST TIME ( 48 / 50 in my theory and 2 minors in my practical! ) Although the tests were stressful, I felt reassured that Shaz’s teaching has been thorough, giving me the confidence that allowed me to pass my test and become a safe driver. Shaz was patient and made sure I understood everything. As each lesson went by I was able to see improvement in my driving – being more independent, less hesitation and making better judgements… I went from from having no experience in driving to being able to pass my test confidently within a few month all thanks to Shaz. I cannot recommend him highly enough!” Beckton. September 2015.

Andy MacAdmin

“Thanks to Shaz I started as an absolute beginner to passing my FIRST TIME with only ONE MINOR in no time at all. Shas’s teaching style was calm and clear allowing me to see rapid improvement in my driving ability and confidence. All of the driving techniques I learnt were very simple and consistent which meant by the time my test came round I felt fully prepared for anything that might have come up. It was a pleasure to learn to drive with Shaz and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor.” Bethnal Green. September 2015.

Henry ClayEvents Management

“When I started my lessons with shaz I was a nervous wreck. I knew the basics of driving, having learnt how to drive a car in my home country. But I was very unsure of myself as a driver. At the end of 3 months of lessons I can now say I am confident on the road and I now know that I am a safe driver all thanks to Shaz. He gave clear and precise instructions, was patient and was more than willing to go over the same concept many times until I learnt them. I feel that Shaz’s greatest strength is his ability to adjust his teaching methods based on the student’s capacity and ability. My husband took lessons from him before I did and I know for a fact that the way he approached the road with my husband was very different. Shaz uses many handy tools and methods to help you learn. One of the methods he employs which I found to be very useful was the mock practical tests. He set the bar quite high during those mock tests and helped me polish up all of my manoeuvres until I had perfected them. He also taught me some very useful tips and reference points that made tough manoeuvres like parallel parking and bay parking easy to execute. In the end my driving practical test was a breeze and I passed in the FIRST ATTEMPT with only one minor error. I feel if you are looking for an instructor who can teach you to drive safely and confidently as well as pass your test with ease it is Shaz.” Silver Town. August 2015.

Shwetha JairamFinance

“Shaz was my driving instructor and he was a real pleasure to learn from. With his friendliness and patience, I was very relaxed during my lessons. Shaz was always full of driving tips, techniques and suggestions which is very useful and helpful in real life situations. I passed the driving test FIRST TIME I took it and I couldn’t have done it without him. I would also recommend you do a pass plus when you pass the test as well. In short, highly recommended to those who are looking for a decent driving instructor.” Stratford. May 2015.

Nattaphol UbolsingBanking

“When having driving lessons with Shaz, I was always able to expect a worthwhile experience. He was always calm and never agitated whatever the situation. This approach to his lessons reinforced my own confidence and certainly helped during the test. I passed without any minors, which I put solely down to Shaz’s excellent coaching. I feel that Shaz has given me not just a driving licence, but also the skill and awareness to stay safe on the roads.” Canning Town. January 2015.

Matt WhiteFord Engine Designer

“Shaz was an excellent instructor, providing timely feedback and tailoring the lesson to focus on key areas that needed improvement. Great experience and would recommend him keenly.” Surrey Quays. December 2014.

Shivraj BheenickBanking

“To Whom It May Concern, I have the privilege of working with Shaz as my driving instructor. Shaz’s knowledge about driving is multi-faceted and he is most certainly able to teach more than the average instructor. I appreciated his ability to advise me on various manoeuvres and smooth driving which helps to make life in driving more relaxing. I would not hesitate to recommend Shaz to anyone looking for a true gentlemen to have the same experience I have with Shaz.” Shoreditch. November 2014.

Hope Andy WilliamsCommodities Trader

“Shaz is a fantastic driving instructor, very patient and calm, which makes it so much easier to learn. His tips for reversing and manoeuvring proved invaluable. Despite being really nervous on the day, I passed my test FIRST TIME!” Hackney. Oct 2014.

Joanne McCullumPR Manager

“I was planning to do automatic lessons as I believed this would enable me to pass quicker, but was persuaded to try manual lessons by friends, and I am truly grateful I did. Shaz was am incredibly patient, kind accommodative and respectful instructor. He understood my anxiety / nerves, my working hours and done his utmost to help in both areas. I cannot fault his tenacity to succeed and his approach to all situations. A true professional, sincere individual and the most skilled instructor I’ve had the pleasure to encounter. If it wasn’t for Shaz, I don’t believe I would have passed my test so soon! In just a few months I have gone from being uneducated on the roads, to being a competent driver. I will not only take forward the skill of driving, but the confidence to believe in myself; all of which I owe thanks to Shaz.” Woodford. September 2014.

Stacey MorradAdministrator

“I started my driving lessons no more than a month ago, although I am an experienced driver in other country, but the rules and the driving style are different from Britain. My instructor Shaz helped me to understand the differences and teach how to drive safely in the GB and enable me to demonstrate safety driving in the UK standard. Shaz suggested me to do lesson in order to build up my driving skills, hazard awareness and most importantly, confidence. During the lesson hours, he patiently go through all the manoeuvres and practice them all over again to make sure I am able to complete the moves correctly and safely at the same time. As a result, I have passed my driving practical test at the FIRST GO with everything he has taught me. I am definitely going to recommend him to all you who are looking for a driving instructor not only because he is good but fantastic!” Surrey Quays. June 2014.

Chi-Jun Ron YangFinance

“Shaz provided methodical and well structure driving lessons, he has brilliant tips and reference points for overcoming driving manoeuvres and many day-to-day driving scenarios. I would highly recommend Shaz for anew driver or someone who’s looking to improve their current ability. With two or three hour block lessons I was able to pass FIRST TIME and I’m confident that my driving ability is to a good standard.” Hackney. July 2014.

Richard WheatleyBanker

“I previously had a few lessons with a different instructor and didn’t get on well with them and felt I would never pass, Shas is an amazing Instructor, always helpful and very professional as well as keeping a very good friendship with him which relaxed me, he always believed in me even when I doubted myself and I managed to pass second time after a short while! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I owe my new driving lifestyle to him.” Ilford. February 2014.

Khurram ShehzadEngineer

“I am extremely thank full for your help during my driving lessons for me to understand what I was doing wrong, you were extremely patient with your teaching and were specific with what I had to do / undo. I am sure I was not easy to teach as I had a load of non UK driving experience, thank you for holding my hand and guiding me through the correct aspects of UK driving. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have cleared the driving test in the FIRST ATTEMPT with your help. . The most important aspect was you’re never ending patience and smile that led me to listen to you and not be badass on the road. I still think about the tiny aspects you taught me about coasting, mirror usage etc. I am sure it means a lot to me for having a driving licence as it’s very important for my work and personal life. You would always be the first person for me to refer if anyone wants driving lessons in London. Once again thanks a millions for being there and helping me with the driving test. God bless…” Surrey Quays. May 2014.

Srikanth NarayanBanking and Finance

“My driving instructor was Shaz and his lessons made me pass my driving test the very FIRST TIME. I am a student who has never driven a car before!!! I have heard from many people that they have tried many times to pass their test but failed but I believed that anyone who learns from Shaz is bound to pass quickly. I will always recommend Shaz to my friends and anyone who is looking for an experienced driving instructor. He is very detailed on his lesson plans using his clip board, eraser and pencil as props for road, car and pedestrian situations and he never gives up no matter how many times you make mistakes. You can always depend on him and he will guide you all the way.” East Ham. February 2014.

Alvin SarkarRetail Store Manager

“When I booked my first lesson with Shaz I didn’t even know how to start a car but by the end of the lesson I was driving home, Also his style of teaching allowed me to feel comfortable and relaxed whilst driving and this is why I was able to PASS FIRST TIME.” Canning Town. February 2014.

Catherine LomoteyDegree Student

“I had given up my driving lessons before, due to frustration and lack of encouragement by my previous instructor, from different driving schools. Sometime later, I knew I needed to pursue driving again. As driving makes the kind of job I do easier in terms of connections. This time I decided to go for the AA. Upon speaking to the person that took my call in AA, I requested for an instructor who would be kind a patient. Reluctantly, I accepted the person she gave me who happened to be Shaz. My first call from Shaz to introduce him was a reassurance. The first lesson was one exciting enjoyable experience that became a drive for the journey to achieving my goal. Shaz not only made me comfortable on the road, but he also encouraged me, even when I thought least of my own self. With the 13 lessons that I had with Shaz, I attained my certificate of driving FIRST TIME!!!!! As shown above. In the time that I have seen Shaz, I have known him as one that outstandingly exhibits professionalism in his job without even putting money first. My words cannot suffice the great job this man has done for me. I can only say God bless you !!!” Forest gate. April 2013.

Sarah MulungiCarer / Nurse